22 Jun 2022

Sustainability at BRUCHA

Sustainability is enshrined in Brucha's Business Principles and Code of Conduct and is a natural part of our culture. It is an important driver for the services we provide to our customers every day.

Sustainability at BRUCHA

Sustainability is enshrined in Brucha's Business Principles and Code of Conduct and is a natural part of our culture. It is an important driver for the services we provide to our customers every day. Only through the holistic integration of various criteria (environment, social, management) in our processes can we generate sustainability.

The fields of action presented here represent our areas of responsibility with regard to sustainability. We are active in the respective areas and have launched various measures and initiatives. Together we strive for continuous improvement in this regard.


  1. Renewable energies
    Own energy production

  2. Efficient production
    Efficient production, waste reduction

  3. Transport


  1. Training and further education
    Vocational training

  2. Occupational health and safety
    Reduce accidents at work


  1. Attention
    Fair competition, anti-corruption

  2. Ethics
    Human rights and corporate values

  3. Transparency
    Transparent reports

Ecological Aspects

Environmental Protection in General

We are committed to protecting the environment for current and future generations and respect the guidelines issued for environmental protection in our activities.

Power Consumption

We strive for sustainable use of energy and take appropriate measures to reduce our energy consumption.

Use of Water Resources

We strive to use water sustainably and take appropriate measures to reduce our water consumption.

Waste Management and Recycling

We avoid waste and ensure professional disposal. We believe that the transition to the circular economy is an opportunity and an important piece of the puzzle for the development towards an environmentally friendly society.

Handling Chemicals

We have implemented processes and procedures to ensure proper execution.


We strive to reduce C02 emissions as much as possible.

Handling Raw Materials

We are aware of the value of raw materials and try to use sustainable materials.

Social Aspects

Respect for Human Rights

The Brucha Code of Conduct and Business Principles contain our guidelines for upholding human rights.

It is important to us that the contents of the Code of Conduct and the company principles are conveyed to all new employees in the form of training courses as soon as they join the company. This content is fundamental for every Brucha employee and should guide and shape him from the start.

We also demand unconditional observance and protection of human rights from our suppliers and check compliance with them when selecting suppliers.

Ban on child Labor

It is absolutely inadmissible to resort to child labor. All partners are requested to adhere to the ILO conventions on the minimum age for employment. This minimum age may not be less than 15 years and not less than the age associated with the end of compulsory schooling.

Prohibition of forced Labor

The use of forced or compulsory labor is generally prohibited. All employees are entitled to terminate their employment with a reasonable notice period.

Promote Diversity

Brucha is a company whose diversity is already reflected in its corporate structure. Diversity contributes to a positive overall atmosphere and strengthens our corporate performance. We promote a work environment in which the diversity of our employees plays an active role. We recognize that our employees are important and strive to treat everyone fairly and equally.

Equal Treatment

We act honestly and fairly and respect the rights and dignity of people. All employees and business partners are treated equally, regardless of race, gender, age, religion, origin, nationality, sexual orientation, physical condition,

union membership or political opinion. In accordance with the Brucha Code of Conduct.

Fair Wages and social Benefits

We comply with the laws and regulations of individual countries and regions with regard to working conditions, wages and working hours and are committed to attractive working conditions and fair wages.

Regulated working Hours and Overtime

The working time regulations correspond to the relevant national laws and the industry standards accepted by Brucha.

Communication with Employees

We promote exchange and dialogue with employees and employee representatives. A safe and comfortable workplace The quality, environmental and safety policies we implement are aimed at ensuring the health and safety of our employees in the performance of their work, preventing accidents at work and promoting mental and physical health.

Conducting Sustainability Training

Sustainable action is anchored in our corporate principles and our code of conduct.

Economic Aspects

Fair Competition

The aim of our corporate culture is honest participation in fair and transparent competition. Restricting free competition or violating antitrust and competition law regulations is not compatible with our corporate philosophy. Violations of the applicable requirements can result in high fines up to and including imprisonment.

Prevention of Corruption and Bribery

We expect the highest level of integrity in all business activities, any form of corruption, embezzlement or extortion will not be tolerated. Our employees must not be influenced by favors and must not try to influence others by doing favors.

Prevention of Extortion

We reject any form of blackmail against our company and our stakeholders.

Prevention of Money Laundering

All employees are prohibited from taking or supporting measures that contravene country-specific or international money laundering guidelines. Cooperation with persons or companies involved in money laundering must be rejected.

Risk Management System

We have implemented an internal control system to identify, analyze and evaluate risks that could have a significant impact on our business and to take appropriate measures to prevent them as far as possible. The risk management system also serves to minimize damage. As a company, we also adhere to these principles and communicate proactively and transparently.

Information Security and Protection of Confidential Information

Each partner is responsible for treating sensitive information and internal business data with the highest level of confidentiality. Stealing, duplicating or

Passing on internal company information to third parties or for the purpose of one's own benefit is strictly prohibited. Carrying business secrets automatically obliges you to maintain confidentiality. The obligation of confidentiality continues without restriction even after the end of the employment relationship.


We communicate actively, openly and honestly with employees and external parties. We provide them with all the information they need to fulfill their tasks and obligations.

Quality Assurance

We strive to continuously improve our product quality and work processes, both directly and indirectly. We have geared our quality policy to this and have a suitable quality assurance system.

Sustainability throughout the Value Chain

In order to promote sustainability initiatives across the entire value chain, we also require our business partners to comply with these guidelines. We also expect our partners to comply with national and international sustainability standards in their actions.

Selection of Suppliers

We offer all suppliers open and fair access. The respective suppliers are then selected through fair evaluations based on various key figures such as price, quality, reliability and sustainability.

Whistleblowers and Protection Against Retaliation

If partners discover violations of legal provisions or the Code of Conduct, they can either report this directly to the relevant supervisor, partner or management or they can be asked anonymously. Misconduct or grievances are pointed out under protected conditions and in no way entail negative consequences


Scope 1: emissions that come from direct emission sources within the company. At Brucha, direct emissions are primarily caused by heat treatment and heating systems, the company's own vehicle fleet and the use of operating materials, which result in direct emissions.

Scope 2: Emissions resulting from the generation of externally purchased energy. At Brucha, these are mainly caused by energy consumption (electricity) during production.

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