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What is a BRUCHA panel?

BRUCHA panels are sandwich panels. They consist of two sheet metal cover shells that are shear-resistantly connected to the insulation core made of polyurethane (PUR)/polyisocyanurate (PIR) or mineral wool.

What is the difference between an insulation core made of polyurethane (PUR)/polyisocyanurate (PIR) and mineral wool?

Panels with a mineral wool core are non-combustible according to EN 13501 and therefore have a much higher fire resistance. Sandwich panels with PUR/PIR core have excellent thermal insulation properties and are characterised by their low dead weight.

Is it possible to use NIRO on the outer shell of roof panels?

We do not produce roof panels with stainless steel on the outside.

Can roof panels also be used for a detached house?

Roof panels can be used for detached houses, but only in the cold roof version.

installation guidelines

Is there an adapter panel between FP-P panels and FP-F panels?

So far there are only adapter panels between FP old and FP-F. As long as no new geometry is developed in the joint for FP-F panels, there will be no connections with FP-P panels.

Why is there no FP-P60 panel?

An FP-P60 panel cannot be produced due to the joint geometry.

Where are BRUCHA panels produced?

Our BRUCHA panels are produced exclusively in our production plant in Michelhausen in Lower Austria in our state-of-the-art facilities.

Are BRUCHA panels also available as stock items?

In principle, our panels are produced to order. However, stock items are available at the company headquarters or at the southern branch in Großwilfersdorf. If you have any questions, please contact our staff at [email protected]

Is it possible to reserve BRUCHA panels in advance?

Reservations are possible for production planning, but the timing must be agreed (parts list).

Why is there a surcharge for short lengths?

On the continuous lines, the panels are shortened to the necessary lengths in the production process. If the cutting machine (band saw) cannot process short panels due to the production speed (length less than 250 cm), the panel must be produced with double the length and cut to the correct length on an external machine. This procedure causes an additional effort in the production process, which is declared and charged as "short length".

Which fire and sound insulation classes apply to BRUCHA panels?

Mineral wool: Fire behaviour according to EN 13501-1, Euroclass A2s1d0, non-combustible PUR/PIR, standard: Fire behaviour according to EN 13501-1, Euroclass Bs2, d0, flame retardant
On request: Euroclass Bs1, d0, flame retardantr

In which standard lengths are BRUCHA panels available?

We only produce to order, so there are no standard lengths.

What are the maximum production lengths of BRUCHA panels?

Facade panels with PUR/PIR core – FP-P, FP-P-S, FP, GSP, Design+: 16 m
Wall panel with PUR/PIR core – WP: 18.4 m
Roof panel with PUR/PIR core – DP: 21.5 m and ECO roof: 13.50 m
Wall/façade with mineral wool/wood fibre core – FP-F, WP-F, WP-A, FP-A, DP-F, DP-A: 15.6 m

In which widths are BRUCHA panels available?

Width 1100 mm: WP, WP-F, FP-F
Width 1000 mm: DP, FP-P, FP-W, DP-F
Other widths are available on request. You can select the right contact person for your request simply by using our contact form (green speech bubble).

In which notch lengths are BRUCHA roof panels available?

For DP and DP-F: 60, 100, 120, 150, 200 and 300 mm
Notching in eaves: 60 mm (standard)
Notching for overlap: DP-F at least 200 mm, DP 200 mm (standard)

Which spans apply to BRUCHA panels?

Span widths depend on various factors that must be checked individually. You can find information on the span and support widths in our support width tables in the downloads.

How long does the corrosion protection of BRUCHA panels last?

Sandwich panels with steel face sheets generally have a corrosion protection of more than 15 years when used in a structure. The protection period is defined as the time until the first partial renewal. With appropriate maintenance, the protection period increases considerably. You can find further information here: BRUCHA colour spectrum.

What is the service life of BRUCHA panels?

The service life depends on the type of panel and is defined by the Main Association of Generally Sworn and Court Certified Experts of Austria.

What are the warranty guidelines for BRUCHA panels?

Warranties depend on the geographical location. The warranty agreement is between the manufacturer (sheet manufacturer) and the processor (producer).
Standard guarantees for wall and façade systems according to Voest:
Rust through for RC 3 Z 275 15 years warranty and adhesion of coating for RC 3 Z 275 8 years warranty
Standard warranty services for roof systems according to Voest:
Rust through for RC 3 Z 275 12 years warranty and adhesion of coating for RC 3 Z 275 5 years warranty
Colour deviations must not occur in one view; care must be taken that the same sheet batch is used per view. The assessment of a colour deviation can only be carried out by means of colour measuring instruments and reference cards. Permissible colour deviations are defined according to EN ISO 11 664-4 (< 2 delta e).

In which sheet thicknesses are BRUCHA panels available?

Standard: 0.5 mm/0.6 mm on the inside or 0.6 mm on the outside (other thicknesses available on request).

Which sealing tapes are required for BRUCHA panels?

BRUCHA panels are equipped with the required seals in the panel joint area as standard. You will find an overview of recommended sealing tapes (e.g. wall connection seal, contact sealing tapes, etc.) in our accessories catalogue, and we show you application examples in our handling brochure.

What are the maximum dimensions of the corner panels?

Horizontal installation 90°: Mineral wool max. side length 1500 mm; PUR/PIR max. side length 2000 mm
Vertical installation 90°: 6000 mm
Vertical installation radius: 6000 mm

What is the insulation value (U-value) of BRUCHA panels?

The insulation value (U-value) depends on the panel thickness and can be found in our product data sheets.

Where can I find the approval for BRUCHA panels?

You can obtain our approvals at any time on request. Contact us at [email protected].

Where can I find test certificates and classification reports for BRUCHA panels?

You can obtain our test certificates at any time on request. Contact us at [email protected].

Where can I find the accessory prices?

Information on our accessory prices is available on request at any time. Contact us at [email protected].


Where can I find reference pictures for architects?

You can find reference pictures at: REFERENCES. We will be happy to provide you with further or specific reference reports on request. You can select the right contact person for your request simply by using our contact form (green speech bubble).

Where can I find the tender specifications for BRUCHA panels?

You can find the tender specifications for BRUCHA PUR/PIR and fire protection panels in the Downloads section.

Which surfaces and profiles are available for BRUCHA panels?

There is a wide range of coatings and surfaces (PE Pure 25, PUR-PA 50 µm, Foodsafe PVC 150 µm, stainless steel, and much more besides). In addition to an extensive profile selection, all RAL colours up to iridescent, colour-changing surfaces are available. For detailed information, please refer to our BRUCHA colour range - downloads.

Which colour classes are available?

The surface colour shades according to RAL are divided into colour groups (I – III, from very light to dark). Click here for the BRUCHA colour spectrum - Downloads.

Do different batches of sheet metal affect the colour?

In the case of partial or repeat orders, the use of new sheet metal coils can lead to deviations due to different sheet metal batches. In order to avoid a colour change within a front, axis or view side, it is advisable to already provide the corresponding information when ordering. More pronounced colour deviations from the RAL shades are possible with PVDF coatings. Please also plan sufficient reserve panels especially for special colours and/or deviating construction widths (for WALL and FACADE).

Is there a minimum order quantity for BRUCHA panels in certain colours?

There is no minimum order quantity for the colours in the BASIC colour range, only for selected/marked colours there is a process-related surcharge for orders of less than 500 m². In the SUPERIOR colour range, minimum order quantities must be observed. Please speak to your personal contact (green speech bubble).

What colours are used on the inside and outside of BRUCHA panels?

All panels are finished on the inside in RAL 9002, profile 1 as standard. The design options for the outside can be found in our colour range, where you will find all colour and profile variants, as well as coating options for the surfaces.

How can BRUCHA panels be cleaned in the best possible way?

Proper cleaning not only ensures the visually perfect appearance of BRUCHA panels, but also guarantees lasting product quality. Microorganisms are removed in the course of cleaning, and microbiological cleanliness can be ensured by disinfection. Tips on careful maintenance for a long service life can be found in the BRUCHA colour spectrum.

How are BRUCHA panels connected?

You will find information on standard connection options in our handling brochure and detailed illustrations in our accessories catalogue. In addition, you have the opportunity to read up on processing tips in the installation guidelines. All files can be found in the download section at https://brucha.stage.moodley.dev/en/downloads-und-certificates
Bei weiteren Detailfragen wenden Sie sich an Ihren persönlichen Ansprechpartner (green speech bubble).

Which window and door connections are available?

You are welcome to request information on our window and door connections on a project-specific basis at any time. Contact us at [email protected].

What are the usual delivery times I have to expect?

Under normal circumstances, the delivery time is approx. 3 – 4 weeks.

Is the transport of BRUCHA panels a special transport?

The transport of panels over 13.6 m is considered special transport.

How are the panels installed?

We will be happy to provide you with the contact details of professional panel installation companies (installation list) in your area. Please contact your personal contact person (green speech bubble).

What is octopus loading?

With octopus loading, the panels in the package no longer have to be turned at the construction site. Octopus loading is used for roof panels to facilitate handling on the construction site.

Does it make sense to order spare panels?

Due to the large number of sheet metal coils, you may receive sheet metal from a different batch for a later reorder. This can result in colour differences. This effect can be avoided if you always include a reserve panel in your order.

Where can I find installation plans?

In our design department, we can work out individual installation plans on request. We can also determine parts lists for the production of the sandwich panels for you.

How do I get a fastening verification?

A fastening verification can be determined in the course of a static preliminary design.

Do BRUCHA panels have a joint seal?

BRUCHA panels are equipped with seals in the joint area (tongue and groove joint). The design of the seals is shown on the respective product data sheets (e.g. BRUCHA panel PUR/PIR roof – DP – standard triple seal for optimum condensation protection).

Are BRUCHA panels installed vertically or horizontally?

BRUCHA panels can be installed vertically as well as horizontally or diagonally for an extraordinary visual appearance. The basic prerequisite is the appropriate substructure and technical clarification regarding the spans.

Can PUR/PIR and mineral wool panels be combined?

In principle, panels with PUR/PIR and mineral wool cores can be joined together. For detailed technical information or the use of an adapter panel, please contact your personal contact partner (green speech bubble).

How are BRUCHA panels installed correctly?

Information on the correct and professional installation of sandwich panels can be found in our published installation guidelines. We also offer our customers installation training courses (theoretical principles and practical implementation).

installation guidelines

Which screws should be used?

The type and length of the screws to be used depends on the substructure and the panel thickness. You will find the appropriate screws for wood, steel or concrete in our accessories catalogue. If you are unsure about choosing the right screws, please contact your personal contact partner (green speech bubble).

How does the installation of a photovoltaic system on BRUCHA panels work?

Photovoltaic systems may only be fastened to the substructure using hanger bolts. The BRUCHAPaneel PIR+ roof DP also has the option of fastening using the K2 BasicRail system or EJOT solar fastener.

What temperature ranges apply to cold rooms?

The temperature range for normal cold rooms is from 0 °C to plus 8 °C.
The temperature range for deep-freeze rooms is from 0 °C to minus 30 °C.

What is the design for cold rooms in terms of floor construction, surface, floor load and slip class?

There are currently five different floor designs with different point loads. We will be happy to inform you personally about loads and exact designs at any time. Our standard surface has slip class 3 according to standard EN 314-2 (WISA-Hexa Grip).

Can a cold room be installed by the customer?

A cold room can be installed by the customer. The necessary installation instructions can be found in the download section.

Which cold room doors are available in which dimensions? What surfaces and frames are available?

We offer cold room doors in a wide range of dimensions with different frame types and surface types. We will be happy to inform you personally about details at any time.

Can cold rooms be refurbished?

BRUCHA cold rooms can of course be refurbished. For specific enquiries, please contact our maintance and service team.

Which floor connection is used for deep-freeze rooms?

There are different floor connections for deep-freeze rooms. Depending on the type of product, the connection floor to the wall is designed.

What is the purpose of a tender text?

By means of invitations to tender (submissions), contracting authorities invite tenders in writing and in public for works, services or supplies. These tenders must comply exactly with the requirements of public procurement law.

What is a U-value?

The heat transfer coefficient (U-value) is the unit of measurement for determining the heat loss of a building component. The U-value indicates the amount of heat that passes through 1 m² of a building component per unit of time at a temperature difference of 1 K.

What is an n50 value?

The amount of air flowing out of the building through leaks must be forced back into the building by the fan and is measured. The so-called n50 value (unit: 1/h) indicates how often the interior volume is moved per hour.

What services does high-bay warehouse construction include?

In high-bay warehouse construction, we supply the complete building envelope. 

What seals are used in CA warehouse construction?

The panel joints and corner joints are made using a multi-layer special sealing system. Likewise, the door frames are welded airtight to ensure the controlled atmosphere in the room.

Can I also buy from you as a private individual?

Of course; we also produce our BRUCHA panels for private individuals.

Do you also offer refrigeration technology?

Our company does not have a separate department for refrigeration technology. In this area, we work together with experienced partners.

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