Maintenance and service

The BRUCHA service and maintenance team consists of experienced employees with many years of experience and is on the road for you throughout Austria – even in emergencies!

Maintenance and service

Maintenance and service

Regular maintenance of your panel elements, panel rooms and electrical cold room components not only significantly increases their service life.

Regular service also increases operational safety and optimises your operating processes. This also results in many economic advantages for you, because the costs for maintenance can be calculated. Major refurbishments or, for example, the complete replacement of individual components can be identified at an early stage and planned for in the long term.

Service and maintenance are also a must in terms of ecology and sustainability. For example, well-closing cold room doors with functional insulation are a guarantee for resource-saving energy use.

Our service portfolio

Our service portfolio

  1. Annual or triennial service for: low-ceiling, cooling, production and storage rooms (panel rooms), floor, wall and ceiling panels, doors and gates or electrical cold room components

  2. Inspection sticker and digital documentation

  3. All-inclusive service or maintenance of individual elements

  4. Coordination of service dates with your production cycles and upcoming official inspections

On duty for you at all times

Cleaning and inserting seals, checking and readjusting door functions, detecting weak points in the insulation, replacing pressure compensating valves and much more – our service portfolio avoids material fatigue, wear and system failures.

Contact us at any time to arrange a maintenance appointment or service.
Service-E-Mail: [email protected]

Maintenance and service

Adjusting the door handle Maintenance and service
Settings on sliding doors Maintenance and service
Adjusting the door handle Maintenance and service
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