Assemblies for special and cold room construction

High rack warehouse construction

BRUCHA high rack warehouses offer you the greatest possible storage capacity with maximum building height – perfect conditions for your pallet storage.

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As a manufacturer of panels, we have numerous possibilities to respond to individual wishes and requirements of our customers. Especially the topic of fire protection is becoming more and more important and this is exactly where our mineral wool panels show their strengths. But of course, U-value specifications often have to be met as well, which is where our PIR panels come up trumps. In the case of high-bay warehouses, the large surfaces occasionally result in different requirements, which we at BRUCHA are able to meet perfectly with our in-house solutions. The production of a gas-tight facade for e.g. an oxygen reduction plant is also possible with us.

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Roof ascent

In order to access the roof of high-bay warehouses, there is often no internal access ladder. As a result, external access ladders are often required in order to be able to carry out annual maintenance (e.g. SHEVS). At BRUCHA, the access ladder is planned taking into account the panel joints, which means that there are no unexpected surprises at the construction site during assembly.

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BRUCHA manufactures everything from stainless steel doors to fire doors to measure in the factory itself. In the case of high-bay warehouses, escape doors must often be provided, which can also be built directly into the panel if required. If desired, the door can also be realized from the same steel coil for the panel facade to ensure absolute color uniformity.

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Fall protection

With building heights often exceeding 40 m, the issue of safety is naturally a top priority when working on these roofs. Whether due to annual maintenance or other reasons - a fall protection system is mandatory for the operator and ensures safe working at these heights. Whether by means of securants, rope systems or guardrails - BRUCHA provides a concept that combines the legal requirements and the needs of the customer and is happy to provide advice.

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SHEV system

The SHEV (smoke and heat extraction system) has the task of making a certain area essentially smoke-free for the fire department carrying out the firefighting attack, in order to reduce the danger for them to a minimum. BRUCHA's long-term partners dimension and work out possible concepts. In compliance with general legal requirements and usually an individual fire protection concept, optimal solutions are developed. Here too, planning, installation, acceptance and maintenance - all from a single source.

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Lightning protection

Depending on the height and function/purpose of the building, there are special requirements for lightning protection. These safety installations have the task of protecting the building, the technical infrastructure inside it and human life. Long-standing partner companies, which deal exclusively with the subject of lightning protection, work very closely with BRUCHA in this area. From the preparation of calculations and plans to installation, documentation and maintenance contract, everything can be obtained from a single source.

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Roof drainage

In order to channel or drain the water volumes of such large roof areas in a controlled manner, a number of issues need to be considered. Penetrations in the roof, fastening and space requirements for steel construction, emergency drainage systems, etc. BRUCHA has the advantage that it always tries to think and plan holistically and therefore the penetrations in the roof and facade are always realized optimally. Here, too, BRUCHA can be commissioned with a preliminary design for an internal underpressure drainage system, for example.

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Roof construction

Much higher requirements than tightness have long been placed on the roof structure. In addition to snow loads, PV systems must also be taken into account more and more often and the components must meet more and more requirements in terms of fire protection and sustainability. In the case of high-bay warehouses, 90 % of the roofs are flat roofs, which require high-quality foils for long-term satisfaction - here BRUCHA works closely with the top manufacturers to find the most economical and reliable solution for each application.

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Whether with working platforms, suspended scaffolding, industrial climbers, cranes or telescopic forklifts - if there is a way to assemble there then we will find it. Working at heights such as those found in a high-bay warehouse requires a great deal of skill and experience. Based on the numerous projects we have already realized, we can prove that we, the BRUCHA company, have both in house.

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Floor construction

With almost 75 years of experience in cold storage construction, we know how important it is to have a floor structure that is free of defects and well thought out in terms of building physics, e.g. for a deep freezer with -25 °C. Even high-bay warehouses often have to face this challenge. We do not do the concreting ourselves, but we make all the preparations for the correct floor structure, which is necessary to ensure problem-free operation as a freezer, for example.

Our service


Upon request, BRUCHA realizes the entire building envelope of the high-bay warehouse. Besides the obvious topics such as roof and wall, lightning protection, SHEVS, fall protection, access ladder,... are included in the scope of delivery. Special requirements, such as freezers or gas-tight casings for oxygen-reduced storage can also be realized by BRUCHA. Since a high-bay warehouse is always an eye-catcher, BRUCHA also offers the possibility to respond to the optical wishes of the customers - the own production allows a lot of possibilities.

Reference projects

Would you like to find out about our references in the field of high rack warehouse construction? Here you will find an overview of our projects.

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